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Upcoming Webinar: Ensuring Academic Integrity with Connect + Proctorio - June 9 & June 11, 2020

McGraw Hill and Proctorio have partnered to deliver assessment integrity tools within Connect.

Browser-Locking CapabilitiesBrowser-Locking Capabilities

Browser-Locking Capabilities

Control browser activity and other functions used during the assessment.

Remote ProctoringRemote Proctoring


Record student behavior and actions during assessment.

Verification OptionsVerification Options


Ensure hardware will create the best results for review, and verify the identity of student.

"Nearly 70% of undergraduates admit to having cheated on exams or writing assignments."

Statistics Overview, International Center for Academic Integrity, 2018

"As a professor, it’s very difficult to assess cheating. I can’t be sure if a student has cheated unless there’s really hard evidence."

A Study Suggests It’s Easier to Catch Students Cheating, So Why Don’t Colleges Try? Vox, 2015

Reporting and Security

Remote proctoring using Connect with Proctorio provides you with instant and detailed reporting. Reporting features include video recordings and geolocation of the test-taker, provide instructors an at-a-glance view of potential academic integrity concerns, avoiding personal bias and supporting evidence-based claims. Rest assured your information is secure as Proctorio is FERPA, COPPA, CSCP and iKeepSafe Certified.

Instructor Reporting DashboardInstructor Reporting Dashboard

Which Connect Products Have Proctorio?

Proctorio will be available for all 2019-2021 copyright Connect products starting this August!

The Basic package of features come standard within Connect at no additional cost.It includes self-help resources for both instructors and students. A Plus package with more robust features such as adding live support for both instructors and students, and accessing the intelligent reporting capabilities can be added to the purchase of Connect .

See the Comparison of Packages.

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