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Mega Goal

Mega Goal

by Manuel dos Santos and Jill Korey O'Sullivan

MegaGoal is a dynamic American English series for international communication that takes students from absolute beginning to high-intermediate level. It is specifically designed for teenagers and young adults. With eye-catching art and high-interest topics, MegaGoal is easy and enjoyable to teach and to learn from. The goal of MegaGoal is to make the learning of English fun, motivating, and success-oriented.

Key Features

  • Attractive artwork with lots of photos appeals to a visually-oriented generation
  • Carefully graded progression builds students confidence
  • High-interest topics and cross-cultural content relate to students’ age and interests
  • Students use English to express themselves meaningfully about things that matter to them
  • A consistent unit format makes navigation clear and predictable
  • Reading and Projects at the end of each unit allow students to experience real world situations
  • Vocabulary and structures are introduced gradually and recycled systematically
  • Commercial-quality songs enable students to expand their language in a pleasant way
  • The humorous tone of the book makes the learning process more enjoyable

Components ( at every level )

Each level in MegaGoal has the following components:

  • Student Book + Audio CD (mp3)
  • Audio Program (that accompanies the Student Book)
  • Workbook
  • Teacher’s Guide (interleaved) + Audio CD
  • EZ Test® Online
  • Online Learning Center:
  • Online Teacher Resource Center

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