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Grammar Spot

Grammar Spot is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to grammar that continually recycles learned concepts together with the introduction of increasingly complex structures. Units are topic-based and include reading and guided writing activities alongside the numerous opportunities for grammar practice. The inclusion of songs and games makes learning engaging and fun for the students.

Grammar Spot provides everything students need to know about English grammar and can be used as a stand-alone series or combined with another course book.

Key Features

  • Interactive activities, games and songs in every unit make the learning process more engaging and fun
  • Graphic organizers help students organize and retain information
  • Unit reviews included to continually measure student progress
  • CD-ROM provide students with additional practice and fun activities
  • Systematic writing process helps students improve their writing proficiency
  • Theme-based units make grammatical structures more accessible and understandable


  • Student book + CD ROM
  • Teachers’ Guide + Test Packet
  • Flashcards
  • Posters

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