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ISBN: 9781591393450 / 1591393450
Division: Professional & Medical
Pub Date: OCT-05

Copyright: 2005
Edition: 1
Format: Hardback
Sales Restriction: 027
   Not for Sale in India, Sub-Continent & Nepal
In Their Time

Anthony Mayo, Nitin Nohria
(Harvard Business School Press)


About the book

From little known heroes to legends like Sam Walton and Bill Gates, this absorbing book weaves history, economics, and personality to reveal the secrets behind the success of the last century's greatest American business leaders. The authors show that a key to success was 'contextual intelligence': the ability to 'read' and understand the context of the times and seize the unique opportunities within them. Leadership titles sell well for us, and this book should get strong review attention Powerful Resource: canon of the 20th century's greatest business leaders in one volume Absorbing read: the stories include both well known and unfamiliar leaders New Leadership Theory: many leadership profiles focus on personality traits; the authors' theory of 'contextual intelligence' represents a fresh perspective Well-researched: based on a Harvard Business School Leadership Initiative Study of 1,000 great CEOs and Founders of American companies from 1900-1999 Many of the leaders profiled hail from non-US countries
About the author

Tony Mayo is the executive director of the Harvard Business School Leadership Initiative Program. Nitin Nohria is Richard P. Chapman Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

Table of contents

Chapter 1: 1900-09 ' The Powerful Pioneers of a New Consumer Revolution
Chapter 2: 1910-19 ' Taking up the Charge ' Exploring the New Frontier
Chapter 3: 1920-29 ' From Prosperity to Despair
Chapter 4: 1930-39 ' Survival Through Adaptation and Renewal
Chapter 5: 1940-49 ' Reaching New Heights Through Standardization
Chapter 6: 1950-59 ' Feeding the Machine of Consumption
Chapter 7: 1960-69 ' Business in a Bubble
Chapter 8: 1970-79 ' Managing Through the Malaise
Chapter 9: 1980-89 ' Restoring Glory in American Business
Chapter 10: 1990-99 ' The New Three R's of Business ' Reengineering, Restructuring, and Reality Check
Epilogue ' Will History Repeat Itself
Appendix ' Methodology



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