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ISBN: 9780071797443 / 0071797440
Division: Professional & Medical
Pub Date: JUN-12
Pages: 224

Copyright: 2012
Edition: 1
Format: Hardback
Investing in the Second Lost Decade: A Survival Guide for Keeping Your Profits Up When the Market Is Down

Martin J. Pring, Joe D. Turner, Tom J. Kopas



Bestselling author Martin Pring forecasts a bear market for another decade—and reveals his proprietary method for drawing steady profits from it

Referred to by Barron’s as a “technician’s technician,” Martin Pring—along with expert researchers and investors Joe Turner and Tom Kopas—provides a compelling argument backed by abundant evidence that the economic downturn is only half over in terms of years and recessions. Price-to-earnings ratios, they argue, will return to bargain levels before the secular bear market ends.

Investing in the Second Lost Decade provides a flexible, market-tested strategy that enables investors to actively adjust their portfolio asset allocation to take advantage of emerging profit opportunities as new economic developments unfold.
  • Forbes referred to Pring’s classic book Technical Analysis Explained (0071381937) as “the standard work for this generation of chartists”
  • The authors’ company is launching a new ETF that sure to be big news among technical analysts; the authors will combine the messaging of both the product and the book
  • Pring Turner Capital has been a leading investment management firm for 35 years; the authors will promote the book to their massive client base

Martin J. Pring (Sarasota, FL) is regarded one of the best-known and respected figures in technical analysis. He has received numerous awards for his expertise and has written several technical analysis books.
Joe D. Turner (Pleasant View, CO) is principal of Pring Turner Capital Group.
Tom J. Kopas (Lafayette, CA) is an investment strategist and portfolio manager at Pring Turner Capital.

About the book

Are You Prepared for Another Lost Decade'

“[Pring] sees another ‘lost decade,’ but also ways to make it a winner.”
–The New York Times

Don’t let the secular bear eat you. Prepare to earn steady profits in another decade of volatile and disappointing market returns.

For more than four decades, Martin Pring has been a leading innovator and practitioner of financial and business cycle analysis. In Investing in the Second Lost Decade, Pring—along with seasoned portfolio managers Joe Turner and Tom Kopas—offers conclusive proof that we’re only near the midway point of a continued secular cycle of flat returns and deeply cyclical economic conditions. To guide you through these uncertain times, Pring, Turner, and Kopas deliver a proven action plan for mastering the realities facing today’s investors.

Using proprietary analysis, the authors explore the characteristics of long-term bear markets along with the looming dual threats of inflation and rising interest rates—and outline positive steps you can take to create a dynamically managed investment portfolio. You’ll discover not only how to take advantage of emerging profit opportunities but how to protect yourself from inevitable cyclical declines.

Invest confidently and decisively, even in today’s secular bear market. Learn how to:
  • Understand the secular trends for stocks, bonds, and commodities and the importance of paying attention to business cycle swings.
  • Develop two distinct game plans: one for defense, to protect assets in difficult periods, and one for offense, to grow wealth during favorable conditions.
  • Learn to tailor asset allocations to minimize risk and optimize returns throughout the business cycle.
  • Achieve more consistent portfolio returns with less risk—and less stress.

The secular bull markets of the 1980s and 1990s are long gone—and with them the conventional buy-and-hold, indexing, and passive asset allocation methodologies that will continue to frustrate investors. Wait-and-see isn’t a plan; it’s a wish. Start following the proven investing strategies outlined in Investing in the Second Lost Decade today and you will be on your way to building wealth while safeguarding your hard-earned assets.

About the author

Martin J. Pring is regarded as one of the best-known and well-respected figures in financial market analysis. He serves as chief investment strategist at Pring Turner Capital Group.
Joe D. Turner and Tom J. Kopas are principals and portfolio managers at Pring Turner Capital Group, a money management firm dedicated to the business cycle investment strategy discussed in Investing in the Second Lost Decade.



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